Hi, I'm Dina! I am 24 years old and I study Industrial Design in Trondheim, specializing in interaction design. I just finished my fourth year the spring of 2022 on exchange in Lisbon. My biggest interests are process, good usability and aesthetics. I also enjoy programming and working with web design.
During the last four years I have completed many projects that I am interested in, and think have been super fun! Some individually, others in teams with creative and talented class mates. I also have experience working in interdisciplinary teams throughout my studies. The last three years I have had summer internships working as a designer. In 2020 I worked at Telenor, in 2021 at Itera and in 2022 at Umble. At Telenor I worked as an in house UX Designer and at Itera I worked as a consultant. I also worked as a consultant at Umble, but this time in a startup. Alongside my studies, I also work part-time as a design consultant at Junior Consulting. 

Feel free to contact me on +47 95141915 or dina.westby@gmail.com!
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